new to FIRELIFE church?

Firelife Church was founded in Irving, TX as “The Assemblies of God Tabernacle”, in 1963, by a handful of spiritually hungry families.  The passion these families lived with has spread and the church has grown and reached many people with the Gospel.  Firelife Church has a deep history of prayer, revival, and the supernatural.  The church has migrated, changed names, and faced challenges, but we are dedicated to serve God and honor the obedience and sacrifice of those who have gone before us.  We will build a dwelling place for the Presence of God and will cultivate a house of prayer for all nations.


Lead PastorS

Jared, a 6th generation pastor, grew up in Irving, TX.  Amanda, a 3rd generation intercessor, is from Paris, TX.  They met at a Chili's restaurant in Irving and were married in 2002.  They have 3 wonderful sons; Josiah, Mathias and Levi.

Jared is a licensed minister with the Assemblies of God and has been in full-time ministry since 1994.  Jared and Amanda became Senior Pastors of The Bridge Church in Arlington, TX, in 2008.  In January 2017, they returned to their home church, Firelife, and succeeded Jared's father, Gerald Patterson, as Senior Pastors.

Together they are members of the "Bethel Leaders' Network" and are relationally connected to a network of revivalists who burn for God and His Kingdom.


    Our purpose is:  

    Heaven on earth

    We gather to:  

    Encounter God by gathering around His presence

    Become part for a family as family was God's idea from the beginning

    Become empowered and sent out to positively affect culture and do the things Jesus did


    Firelife Church exists for revival:  

    Revival means that His great love for us has made us alive and has set a fire in our hearts.  Because we are alive, and on fire, we partner with God's purposes until earth looks like heaven.  

    Revival simply stated is:  

    He's in us for us (LIFE); He's upon us for others (FIRE).


    At Firelife Church we:

    Gather around the presence - Respond to Him - Pray - Worship - Celebrate - Preach the Gospel - Study the Bible - Develop the fruit of the Spirit - Operate in the gifts of the Spirit - Set captives and prisoners free - Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers and cast out demons - Do life and community together - Laugh - Cry - Are sent - Are a family

What to expect

When you arrive, you will be greeted by our amazing hospitality team who is here to serve you and make you feel at home.  Once on campus, our team will escort you to our hospitality kiosk and give you a gift and assist you.

Complimentary coffee, roasted in-house by our partners Tethered & Brave Coffee, is also available.

Worship service generally lasts about 1 1/2 hours and centers around encountering the presence of God.

In our service we:

1.  Worship God with exciting music, singing, and various expressions of our love for Him.

2. Pray for and minister to one another.

3. Preach the gospel.

4. Gather around the altar to pursue God in greater measure.

Service Information

We have in-person services every Sunday, at 10:30am.  We also offer our Sunday morning service online for those who cannot attend in-person.  You may find our online content on YouTube and our Facebook pages.

Service Times

Every Sunday - 10:30am

Prayer Every Wednesday - 6:30pm