Revival Groups

Revival Groups or RG's are how we cultivate our vision at Firelife.  Encounter God; Become part of a Family; Become Empowered.

What are RG's?  They are best described as apostolic home groups.  While most home groups focus on Bible study/teaching, community and connection, RG's focus on equipping, empowering and training everyone to do the things Jesus did.  In most home groups, only a few people get to be activated in their gifts and everyone else is a spectator.  In RG's, Bible study, community and connection are part of the RG experience, they simply are not the main focus.  The purpose of RG's is activating all believers in their anointing, gifting and calling.  Everyone gets to play!

What can I expect?  RG's meet either in-person, or by zoom.  RG's are anywhere from 30-60 minutes, depending on the group.  Each month has one of the following as a theme:  Evangelism, the Prophetic and the Supernatural.  The topics will be rotated, meaning that each topic will be the focus 4 times a year.  Every RG meeting will have homework and a time to discuss the previous week's homework.  Every member will participate and be active.

How do I get sign-up for an RG?  First, choose the group that best fits your schedule.  Next, click on the link to send a request to that RG Pastor.  That RG Pastor will follow up with you with further instructions.  Finally, make sure to download the Church Center App at this link.