Firelife Health Guidelines:

Safety Guidelines:

* The facilities will be cleaned & sanitized with CDC recommended products and practices before we reopen & after every gathering.

* We will meet at 50% capacity = 90 people; if we have more people, we will add a service in the future.

* The Sanctuary and restrooms will be the only rooms unlocked and available for use.

* Masks are not required, but  are recommended.

* There will be sanitary stations throughout the church with antibacterial products. 

* All laying on of hands for prayer will be done within family units. 

* No water fountain, coffee or breakfast until further notice.  (Please bring your own to enjoy)

* No nursery or Kid's church until September 12, 2020. 

* We will continue online church for those who choose to stay home. 

* Fellowship can take place outside of the church in the parking lots. 

Seating and Entrance/Exit Guidelines:

* All seating will be rearranged so every row is at least 6 feet from any other row. 

* All seating will be with family units until further notice. 

* Social distancing will be encouraged and practiced throughout the building. 

* Doors will open at 10:10am for the public. 

* Doors will close 15 minutes after service.